—  2014

Research & concept
Fabián Barba, Esteban Donoso

With the collaboration of
Josh T. Franco

Textile design / Scenography
Ana María Gómez

Executive production
Caravan Production

deSingel International Arts Campus (Antwerp)

Koen Broos

Slugs’ garden is an immersive space for tactile contemplation. It’s a habitat to be calmly dwelled in, a playground of subtle sensations. It’s an intimate context in which we can consider our relation to our surroundings – to other people and other objects – and let it morph, unintendedly.

Slugs’ garden is also the time to let us experience minute events of seemingly no consequence. Have you ever surprised yourself playing with a piece of paper that your fingers found lying somewhere? This is the time to let those small gestures mushroom to the centre of our attention, and become the core events of a meaningless universe full of sense.

Like a garden, it’s a space to spend some quiet time, having nothing to do or think about in particular. This slugs’ garden is there to be inhabited and to be played with; an exploration of the space, an experience of time. It’s to wear no shoes. It’s where things grow. It’s when we cultivate our interest on insignificant incidents. Here we don’t walk, we don’t skip. Here we take the time to touch our environment, and to caress it, centimeter by centimeter. We slide through it slowly, with no specific intention, wandering without plans, having no goal to achieve. It is a time we take to grow into slugs.

Fabian Barba