a boi blanket | Limited edition

a boi blanket | Limited edition


Available size: 

90 cm x 195 cm 

a boi | Limited edition 1/2
By Ana María Gómez Suárez 

With the collaboration of handicraftsman William Contreras. 

Made in Colombia | Handwoven
95% Alpaca, 5% Polyester 

A: I. pron. clí. Prefijo de tercera persona. Third person conjugation

Boi: s. Manta (vestido prehispánico). Plaid (pre-Hispanic “dress”)

A boi: his / her plaid
The tradition of this region recounts that it was Bochica, the main god of the Muisca people, who taught them to spin and weave plaids.

Some of this ancient traditions have been part of the making of this textile. Now that is made, this textile is ready to host new warm encounters.

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