Seat / sleep / read / cover up / lie down

These two modules are part of the project Wondering Ways.

Each module can be used as a mattress, to seat, to lie down or to cover you up. In short, it’s made to find any kind of comfort on the floor.

Knitted with fine and soft wool that was naturally dyed with the collaboration of Charlotte Marembert. Filled with wool from Marbehan, Belgium.  

Both modules have the same motive and rhythm. Although, in the second module the motive is repeated twice and each band of the module is separated, giving the possibility to be weaved and to completely change its appearance and texture.

100% wool

150 x 200 cm

Available on demand with the desired measurements and colors.

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Photography and edition: Alexandra Colmenares 

Art direction: Alexandra Colmenares and Ana María Gómez

Model: Eva Mariette 


With the support of Flanders State of the Art