I am a textile designer focused on the role of textiles in relation to bodies, language, ways of inhabiting spaces and the development of different cultures.

In recent years I have been experimenting in different ways with textile based on an awareness of different cultural and social worlds. I am highly interested in fortunate encounters between different cultures and ways of thinking. Especially where textile has been used as language: as a way to communicate. My aim is to generate encounters between, and to gain knowledge of, traditional and occidental ways of working with textile. I wish to understand the vast textile knowledge and the know-how that is transmitted from generation to generation of weavers.

Even though I have been faced with very different textile contexts, my encounters with them often take shape in  experiments around the graphic possibilities of flat surfaces, the appearance of movement and rhythm associated with geometrical surfaces; also with changes visual perceptions and therefore how we experience them.

The relation between textile, body and space is important for me, and feeds into the special interest I have in theater and performance. I have previously worked in the production of costumes and scenography with a focus on the use of textiles.